New Car Assistance Technologies

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New Car Assistance Technologies Road Safety Tips

They make driving safer, but they don’t always work in bad weather conditions; so remember - you are your vehicle’s best safety system.

Today's vehicles feature many new driver assistance technologies, which could help prevent collisions and save lives. Some systems provide warnings to the driver, like blind spot monitoring and lane departure warnings. Others activate momentarily in emergency situations, like automatic emergency braking; but, they don't always work in bad weather or poor visibility. 

From blind spot warnings to backup cameras and adaptive cruise control, driver assistance technologies have come a long way. While these tools can help, they can’t replace an attentive driver. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

First, know your features. Names for driver assistance technologies can vary. So, get familiar with features in your own vehicle and don’t assume all terms and features are the same.

Next, understand the limits. Some features may only work in specific situations — so ensure you find out before using them.

Third, stay focused. Automated tools can provide an extra layer of protection, but they’re not there to do the driving for you. Focus on the road and avoid distractions.

Finally, revisit the basics. Even if your car is providing help, remember to check your mirrors and blind spots and watch out for your speed.

Remember, these systems are only designed to help you. They can't replace you. Stay alert, avoid distractions and remember, you are your vehicle's best safety system. 

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