Are you really driving on autopilot?

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Are you really driving on autopilot? Impaired Driving

When you drive, it might be easy to go on autopilot.

But there are many conscious and subconscious activities that have to take place when you drive. And they all require focus. You need to be alert on the road so you can make split second decisions.

Research shows that drugs, including cannabis, can affect your ability to react quickly, and increase your chance of a crash.

That’s why drug-impaired driving is dangerous, and illegal - it’s a serious criminal offense that can result in heavy fines and imprisonment. It doesn’t matter what kind of motor vehicle you’re operating.

Law enforcement across Canada is trained to spot drug-impaired drivers, so it’s not worth the risk.

Drug-impaired driving can put you, your passengers and anyone sharing the road with you in serious danger. Plan ahead to get home safely. Find more information at

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